Privacy Policy

AttoBot collects information from you, users, from Discord in order for some functionality to work. These information are needed so that AttoBot could keep track of who owns who, and who's what is whose. Discord itself does not disclose critical information you've sent to them to us, developers, when interacting with the API. However, there might be times that you became paranoid of how some bot you use collect data, how & where do they post it?

What data do we collect?#

Per server, we store the giveaways/tickets/Server Stats/user infractions and other settings (such as Member Greeting System) that relates to the bot. Only AttoBot and AttoBot only has access to the Databases. The data will be only altered with the owners/admin's concern.

AttoBot ONLY stores necessary data.

Why do we need the data?#

AttoBot needs this data to provide a seamless experience of her features for each server/guild & user, AttoBot will never sneakily fetch your data.

How do we handle the data?#

We store data with quick.db.

Questions and concerns#

If you have any concerns about this privacy policy, please ask about it in the Support Server

Data removal#

Even if the bot is removed from a server, the data still exists to keep the configurations. If you want to have it removed, you can have the rights to request us. To do so, you can either use a!report or join the Support Server.